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Voldemort, Quirrell, & the Death Eaters - To Dance Again!

from A Very Potter Musical by A Very Potter Musical Cast

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performed by Joe Walker, Brian Rosenthal, & the Death Eaters


When I was a boy
An orphan boy
Id love to move my feet
Id hear a tune and start to swoon
My life would seem complete

The other boys would laugh and jeer
But Id catch em tappin their toes
Cause when Id start to sway, theyd get carried away.
And oh, how the feeling grows

Id take my foot
My little foot
And with that foot
Oh, how Id start to shake

Id take two feet
Two tiny feat
Hey look! Thats neat!
its coming true
I finally get to dance again! Wahoo!

To dance again
Ive been waiting all these years
To dance again
Now, at once, a chance appears
to hear that beat, so on your feet
Its time to dance again!

(spoken) Cmon potter! Imperio!

You take your foot
Your little foot
Hey look! Your foot!
See how it starts to shake

Ooh try his arms!
How bout a twirl!
Hes like a girl!
How overdue!
I finally get to dance again with you!

To dance again!
Ive (youve) been waiting all these years
To dance again
Now at once a chance appears
Its lovely swaying, and the musics playing
So come on! Lets dance again!

VOLDEMORT: Everybody!

I take my foot!
(VOLDEMORT: You take your foot)
My little foot!
(VOLDEMORT: Take that little foot!)
And oh my foot!
(VOLDEMORT: Lemme hear it now!)
Look how it starts to shake

OH, Voldys back
(VOLDEMORT: Hello world!)
For the attack
(VOLDEMORT: Im gonna getcha!)
Hell take over the world, its true
But first theres something hes gotta do

He'll dance again!
Hes been waiting all these years
To dance again
Now at once a chance appears

Everybody make way for a pas de bourre

It's time to dance
It's time to dance
Its time to dance again!


from A Very Potter Musical, released July 29, 2010
lyrics and music by A.J. Holmes


all rights reserved



StarKid Chicago, Illinois

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